Ecology Regeneration components, steering systems:
Between savings and ecology!

The market of regeneration of the parts is in constant growth since this brings considerable advantages in both the economic and environmental impact. Landi workshop is a company specialized in field of regeneration and sales of steering boxes, power- assisted steering, power steering and of each type of the component of the steering system.


The first advantage derived
from the regeneration of parts is represented by the possibility of
being able to repair engine components belonging to the cars of a
certain age of which it may be difficult to find spare parts needed.
A further advantage is shown by the cost of savings that arises
from the use of the remain replacements. This savings goes from a
minimum of 20% less for some products. More complex to over 50% for those most popular. The oscillation of the price
clearly depends on the type
of work that must be applied to the component, in addition to the expenditure for
the movement
of the return and demand for that type of spare parts.

Finally a last advantage over which it is to be paid particular attention, is
represented by the lower
environmental impact that resides in the use of remain replacements. Today more
than ever the company is very
attentive to the ecological issue of production processes. You always speaks more
of ecology,
energy savings and renewable energy and as it is well known the automobile is
often seen as something
dangerous for the health of man. If on the one hand this is true, on the other hand
it is equally true that we can
at least try to reduce the environmental damage from this caused. Produce a new
part has
energy costs much higher with respect to the refurbishment of the old one, it is
sufficient to consider just
simply the emissions of CO2, i.e. of carbon dioxide. For example the regeneration
of a
starter motor produces approximately one kilogram of carbon dioxide, while
producing the
same new part arrives to about ten kilograms. For not considering the fact that
old parts mean throwing quintals of iron, a material very difficult to dispose of.

We have joined the Campaign Recycling of Auto Sales Parts, try it
even you. You earn!

To trust the experts in the field of regeneration of spare parts as Workshop Landi
represents a

considerable advantage for your pocket and the protection of the environment in
which you live!
To participate in this initiative is extremely simple and convenient, allows to get
rid of material,
sometimes cumbersome, that you do not need, perhaps by time deposited in the
workshop and that involves
costs of disposal, turning it at the same time useful credit for purchases of new
spare parts and
regenerated on site, without any burden and with
benefits for you and for the environment!

More information on the Campaign Recycling of Auto Sales Parts…

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